'Operator' is an interactive adventure that takes contestants on a quest through the city of Sydney. With the primary goal to finish first at the 'to be discovered' location, "Operator" is a day long activity that will engage all contestants.

All contestants will be divided into at least two groups. With a phone as the communication media, the operator will contact contestants to give instructions and locations at unexpected times. In this race, timing and accuracy are important, team work essential.

"Operator" is a team building activity that will require your employees to be leaders, manage stressfull situations and perform under high pressure. In a game style race multiple teams are competing against each other to finish first at the 'to be discovered' location. All contestants have to engage at high levels to succeed in multiple tasks.

"We didn't have a moment of feeling bored or frustration we were always engaged, excited and actually learned a bit about ourselves."

The main purpose of "Operator" is to finish as a team first, at the given location. This location can be changed or adjusted by the client in consultation with Spotlight Events. For customised quests specially designed for your company click here.


Important information for "Operator":

  • All contestants must be fit, able to walk stairs, long distances and run.
  • All contestants have to provide their mobile phone numbers through a online application form, as part of the activity.
  • Special considerations and conditions apply for groups over 50 people.
  • Food and coffee breaks are taken during the activity.
  • Contestants must bring their own water to stay hydrated.
  • Sun screen is not available during the activity, please apply before the start of the quest.
  • "Operator" has an average running time of 6 hours, which includes an hour break between the morning and afternoon session, and coffee breaks between sessions.
  • "Operator" is an interactive, dynamic activity that relies on high engagement, speed and accuracy of the contestants. No exact times are planned.
  • Contestants that play "Operator" need to bring: suncreen, registered mobile phone, jacket (for wet weather), bottle of water and their excitement.
  • All contestants that participate in "Operator" must sign a waiver to exlude Spotlight Events from liability during the running of "Operator".



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